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Tips for Getting Rid of Dental Fear

If you suffer from dental anxiety, you’re far from alone; around 36% of the US population experiences dentophobia to some extent.* That said, the fact that dental fear is common doesn’t make the anxiety that patients face any less severe. When the fear is powerful enough, patients frequently avoid regular dental care – sometimes even for decades at a time. Unfortunately, because oral health plays a crucial part in overall wellness, steering clear of the dentist can not only lead to poor dental hygiene, but to countless additional health problems, as well.

Our Bethesda dentists, Drs. Deborah Klotz and Robert Schlossberg, are both board certified in various sedation (or “sleep dentistry”) techniques. They share a passion for nurturing dental anxiety and helping patients face their fears. If dentophobia is keeping you from visiting the dentist, we encourage you to read these tips from Dr. Deb and Dr. Rob:

Remember: at Bethesda Sedation Dentistry, we regularly combat dentophobia with compassion and kindness. We strongly believe sedation dentistry should be available for all patients to allow them to receive the oral health care they need. Don’t let fear hold you back; let us help you obtain a confident and fearless smile!

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